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Call Of Duty Ghosts 2 Release Makes Franchise More Influential

The last installment of  Call of Duty was Black Ops 4 or Blackout, which was mainly focused on the Battle Royale segment. The only motive is to launch the game to make a lateral entry in the Battle Royale section. Its sole purpose is to give competition to PUBG in which they failed miserably.

By skipping their tradition of Single Player Campaign, Call of Duty pays a hefty loss in terms of popularity and revenue. So this year is not dedicated to Call of Duty as Battlefield beats it by a fair margin and killed the competition last year.

After the reveal of 2019 Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it looks like developers taking a route back to their basics.

Will Call of Duty 2020 Be Ghost 2?

Call of duty has an annual schedule, and it’s pretty obvious that the next edition of Game will release this fall for sure. But what will be the name of the next call of duty releasing this year, Will it Ghosts two? or something other pops up later.

Why Ghosts 2 will be the next Call of Duty?

Call of Duty Ghosts has some unfinished plot at the end of the game, and the storyline of the game is not ringing any bells that it could end up there. So there are more chances of Cod ghosts 2 to be the next game of call of duty rather than any other series.

Expected Release Date 

The release date of every call of duty is fixed in October every fall, so this year, it’s not surprising. But there are not any signs of trailers and announcements by the makers when the game will be in the hands of Gamers.

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