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Matrix 4: Here’s Every Exciting Things Explained For This Thrilling Movie.

Keanu Reeves had quite a busy previous year with back to the back to back box office hits and cameos. However, much to fans’ delight Keanu Reeves is returning for yet another Matrix movie.

Here Are Some Of The New Interesting Facts About The Upcoming New Matrix Movie!

The Matrix film franchise is all set to make yet another action thriller movie with the iconic actor. Warner Bros. recently announced that Lana Wachowski will write, direct and produce the new Matrix film installment. Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss will be starring in the film.

Wachowski stated in an exclusive interview that it is indeed great to work with such brilliant actors and friends. It is also a great chance that these characters are back into the film franchise. However, we still are wondering how these characters are going to reprise their respective roles.

Will Neo Be Returning As A Titular Character Or Someone New Will Join The Star Cast?

As fans witnessed in The Matrix Revolutions where Neo succumbed to the wounds inflicted on him by Agent Smith. However, we also saw that the all-knowing oracle tells a young girl that she might again see Neo again. This can be a convenient setup for Neo’s return. There was also a subtle hint about a clone being created by Neo. This might be paving way for Reeves and Moss’s return into the franchise.

While fans are also coming up with theories that state that Neo might not be coming back as the titular character. He must be revisited in the form of a flashback or oracle like character visited by the new lead. There were rumors of Michael B. Jordan joining the film in a titular role. Not a lot of fans know this but even Will Smith was approached for the role. The film is expected to go into production in 2020.

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