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Money Heist Part 4: Here’s Why The World Is Waiting For This Crime Drama Series.

What if a new addition in the popular show on Netflix creates a big wave of chaos? Yes, we are talking about the popular Netflix show Money Heist. It seems like the fourth season will unfold a new set of problems that are yet to be solved.

Money Heist Season 4: The Whole World Is Eagerly Waiting For The Biggest Heist Ever!

Apparently, fans are eagerly waiting for the show to return on 3rd April, this year. However, there is one character who is all set to create problems between the professor and the whole gang.

While fans are still confused over the fact that whether Alicia Sierra and Tatiana are in fact the same one person, we wonder what if this is actually true. While the professor is himself seen warning gang members about how a personal relationship can end up poisoning the whole upcoming heist. We can imagine the hype for the show considering the fact that even iconic writer Stephen King is also rooting for Boston!

Is Brian Going To Return In The New Season And Create Chaos Within?

With Nairobi being physically wounded, her return is still under thin air. Her return is still a matter of concern. However, apart from her, Brian is also creating confusion even though he’s not even there! He might be making a surprise visit or someone will avenge him. We sure are suspecting a mastermind antagonist within the group! Who is it gonna be?

There is more good news for fans! Although the fourth season is yet to be released on Netflix, there are rumors that the fifth season is already in production! The Spanish television series sure does deserve as many seasons as possible! For now, we can eagerly wait for the fourth season to surprise us with some much-anticipated answers.

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