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Netflix’s Messiah Season 2 Is Officialy Happening And Fans Are Expecting A lot From Season 2.

While Netflix has come up with all kinds of unique plot be it fantasy fiction of sci-fi. However, fans are especially taking an interest in a recent show Messiah. The show revolves around a CIA agent who is investigating a sudden surprise of a man who is claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus.

When Is The Second Season Of Messiah Coming On Netflix? Here’s What We Know.

The first season received some mixed reaction although has been quite a popular show since it’s release. Fans loved the story Al-Masih, who is a mysterious persona claiming to be Jesus. The story takes a rather political turn with people trying to prove the whole act as a ruse.

The man soon creates a huge cult after he performs a series of magical miracles. This led to an investigation. With fans binging the show, it led to the question that whether Netflix will recommission the show for another season. The main cast will return for the second season as well.

How Will The Plot Change In The Upcoming New Season? New Controversy Ahead?

However, the show received some negative backlash regarding the content. The show was accused of have been promoting anti-Islamic propaganda. Still considering the ending of the first season was quite mysterious. In an exclusive interview, actor Mehdi Dehbi revealed how a lot of the show is left up to the audience.

With the show releasing in January 2020 we cannot expect the show releasing anytime before 2021. The plot of the show will surely expand in the second season. The messiah’s followers might increase now we have to see whether for the better or worse. Is he indeed the savior or does this have an ulterior motive? Well, we have to wait for yet another season for that to be revealed.

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