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Corona-virus: No Of Deaths And Cases Increased Day-By-Day

Coronavirus Stats

China’s Hubei area, the center of the coronavirus outbreak, reported nearly 15,000 new cases Thursday, a severe increase that dampened hopes that the disease was slowing down and raised new attention about its true system across the state.

Most of the cases were reported in Wuhan, the capital of the region, where the virus, now named COVID-19, is believed to have begun.

Across all of China, nearly 60,000 cases of the virus have been reported, with the latest death losses at 1,367.

The latest bunch came after medical professionals in Hubei started using new technology to diagnose and cure cases.

Hubei had previously tested infections to be verified only by RNA tests, which can take many days to process and complete. Ribonucleic acid carries genetic information allowing for the data of organisms like viruses.

But it has now started counting cases that have been clinically diagnosed.

The Hubei health commission did not give out the specific details of the new diagnosis method, but it said clinically diagnosed cases of COVID-19 are suspected cases with “pneumonia imaging features.”

Citing health officials reported that the cases were diagnosed using computerized tomography scans, which can reveal lung infections.

As a result, 14,840 new cases were reported Thursday in Hubei, up from 2,015 new cases across mainland China on Wednesday.

The new diagnosis method will help patients get treatment as early as possible and improve the success rate, the Hubei health commission said.

However, the new testing methodology is being used only in Hubei province, Chinese officials said.

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