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Netflix’s You Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast And What To Expect From Upcoming Season.

What if the protagonist of a show who is a psychopath ended up meeting someone exactly like him? Well, Netflix show You sure does know how to put up a show! As the show has become all the more deadly than ever, fans are already gearing up for the third season.

What New Dark Secrets Can Fans Expect From You Season3? Here are Some Suggestions.

While it is not really nice to cross Joe Goldberg’s deadly path if one does there’s no looking behind. With Joe moving from one place to another yet fixating on one woman at a time. However, this time this new fixation did cost him a lot! This time his obsession has surely backfired on him.

As fans saw in the last season, Joe had his eyes on a new woman this time- Love Quinn. However, this time we did witness a little twist when Love turned out to be just as twisted as Joe. However, isn’t he what Joe really wants? Or even he is scared too? We need to find that out!

Who Is The New Mystery Woman Between Joe And Love? Is She Someone From Their Past?

Things have reached a whole level of crazy as Love is pregnant and who is the father of this baby? Is it Joe’s or Milo’s. While Candace kind of returned front he dead, we wonder how many times she is going to dodge the death bullet! Maybe this time she might not be that lucky!

We would also love to know what really happened to Love Quinn’s husband! Did she murder him too? Honestly, that won’t be surprising for fans! Fans are also curious about the mystery woman who is Joe’s neighbor. This new person can be digging up some dark moments from Joe’s past!  The third season might be releasing during the early months of 2021.

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