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To All The Boys: PS I Love You! Complete Review

Lately, Netflix has released a ton of RomComs, and fans have loved all of them. But this time, Netflix has come up with a sequel to “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.” The movie was a real rom-com, and fans truly loved it as there was a ton of relatable stuff present in the movie. The movie received appreciation from people of all the age brackets and it was a hit in all sense and every parameter on which a rom-com should be judged.

So what’s in line for the fans in the sequel?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was a brilliant movie, and the fans loved it for the honesty which has been showcased from the movie. There were very few scenes where you will feel that the story is too hyperbolic for a movie. There was hardly a point in the movie where the fans could feel that something unprecedented or unheard has happened. So the element of relatability was present throughout the film.

To All The Boys: PS I Love You! Review
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What about the present movie?

The film has indeed taken its essence from the previous movie, but how well it managed to carry out the reality is debatable, and there are mixed reviews regarding this.  The film made a turnaround in one of its significant aspects, and that has started with the real relationship between Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky that begun in this movie. There are moments that every fan will cherish, as these moments are the real defining moments in a relationship.

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A new character’s introduction has turned around the newly started relationship between Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky. Letters were being sent to Lara, and supposedly the letters were sent from the new character who is introduced in the sequel. John Ambrose McClaren, played by Jordan Fisher, is a new character, and he has been sending the letters. So that indicates that he had a crush on Lara. Now, this character has created complexity in the relationship between Lara and Peter.

The worst part for Lara and Peter’s relationship is the fact that the new character has a lot of resemblance with Lara, and that’s going to strain her relationship with Peter. This is the point where the difference in opinion among fans has started to erupt. The film loses its track right then, and it starts to focus more on the trio than the duo.

The fans didn’t guess that an already growing relationship will be swept under the rug, and an altogether new series of events will be induced in the film. So in a way, excessive focus on the new character and keeping Lara and Peter’s relationship in the cold wasn’t a good idea. A lot was expected by the fans when they got to know about the sequel.

But there was a section of fan who loved the film and liked this new element of uncertainty. But the majority of fans were disappointed as the film took a complete turnaround, which jeopardized the very essence of the film.

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