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Woman Who Hanged Her Kids from Dog Rope Had No Reaction To Testimony


A 37-year-old Pennsylvania woman accused of passing off the first-degree murders of her 8-year-old and 4-year-old children as suicide by hanging from a dog a rope had no reaction to chilling witness testimony in court on Wednesday.

Lisa Snyder offered no reaction in court to testify, while a Pennsylvania Patrolman who did not know her children–Conner, 8, and Brinley, 4–fought back tears on the stand about the day he helped paramedics carry them out of a basement on stretchers.

The Morning Call reported that Snyder’s attorney Dennis Charles actually asked Trooper Jeffrey Hummel why he was so upset.

“I’m human,” Hummel reportedly answered.

The backstory of the case contains similar details of an alleged lack of remorse and response.

One of the paramedics Hummel helped, Eric Bubbenmoyer, described Snyder’s behavior on that day in Sept. 2019 “very anxious, very nervous.”

The story Snyder supposedly told is that her son Conner had been bullied, killed his sister and took his own life on Sept. 23, but all witnesses said he was a happy child and couldn’t have done it.

Authorities allege that one of those searches was about hanging methods and that the suspect ordered the dog rope used the day before the crimes.

Charges And Punishments

Snyder faces a number of charges, all of them disturbing. The charges include first-degree murder, third-degree murder, tampering with evidence and threatening the welfare of children. Authorities say they found explicit images to support the charge during their investigation.

Snyder has pleaded not guilty, and her attorney says that cops have no evidence she killed her kids, just “speculation and guesswork.”

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