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14-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Admits Claiming 10-Year-Old Boy As Baby’s Dad To Save Boy, 15, Who Physically Abused Her

A SCHOOL girl, 14, who guaranteed on TV that a 10-year-old kid got her pregnant presently says this was a lie to shroud the reality an adolescent assaulted her.

A 15-year-old kid has been set under house capture in Russia and sources near the girl’s family state she concedes her unique story was bogus, Komsomolskaya Pravda revealed today.

The pregnant girl supported her 10-year-old companion to oblige the story to maintain a strategic distance from the disgrace she dreaded on the off chance that she outed her attacker, it is asserted.

She is accounted for to have said of her little companion: “Regardless of whether the kid isn’t from [him], at that point, what’s the distinction? He will, at present, be his dad.”

In spite of the fact that the period of assent in Russia is 16 sources, guarantee the kid, 15, needed to engage in physical relations, yet she can’t.

He at that point took steps to mark her a “prostitute” via web-based networking media, except if she concurred.

He “snatched her by the hair” and advised her to “uncover,” as indicated by her declaration, said the source.

The pregnant young lady, her folks and the high school kid and his folks have been met by Russian investigators, it is comprehended.

After the young lady reported her pregnancy, a TV specialist inspected the 10-year-old kid and said he was excessively explicitly juvenile to be a dad.

Dr.Evgeny Grekov, a urology and andrology master, who inspected Ivan revealed to TV watchers in a show called ‘Father at 10!?’: “We reevaluated the lab results multiple times so there can’t be any misstep.”

The doctor said on camera: “There can’t be sperm cells.

“He is as yet a kid.”

The 10-year-old kid was inquired as to whether the kid could be somebody else’s. He answered: “This can’t be.”

The little fellow’s mom Galina was persuaded he was coming clean.

“I accept my child. That he is the dad. I comprehend that he himself possibly doesn’t understand what occurred.”

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