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Cruel Mother Admits Slamming Boy To Floor And Killing Him Because She Was Angry

Mother Admits Slamming Boy To Floor And Killing Him Because She Was Angry

A Lubbock mother on preliminary for the irritated attack, however initially accused of capital homicide, told police she hammered her child on the floor since she was frantic. Madison Rodriguez, 23, has been on preliminary this week.

In June 2015, police and EMS were called to the 1800 square of East 25th Street for the report of a youngster not relaxing. Rodriguez’s child, the 1-year-old Mason, was later articulated dead. At preliminary on Thursday, investigators played a chronicle of Rodriguez’s announcements to police.

Investigation Status

“What befell Mason?” an analyst asked Rodriguez. “I know it’s difficult to keep every one of these falsehoods straight.” “I was stressed that they might state I was a terrible mother,” Rodriguez said in the account. The investigator reacted, “Mention to us what you did?”

She stated, “I pummeled him on the floor since I was distraught, and I didn’t intend to.” Rodriguez and the stepfather were contending about his ex, as indicated by the court declaration.

In the account, Rodriguez likewise told police, “Rather than pummeling him on the floor as I did, I wish I would have changed my activities. I took my displeasure out on a blameless kid.” The state trusted the jury to decide wisely. The protection can start exhibiting proof on Friday.

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