It’s been three years since Amber Heard filed for separate from Johnny Depp. From that point forward, the two have stood out as truly newsworthy over Heard’s claims of maltreatment against Depp, which he has denied, and their open fight in court.Most as of late, Depp’s legitimate group stated their expectation to subpoena James Franco over observation film of the Pineapple Express star entering a lift with the on-screen character after she supposedly had a battle with Depp.

The Complete Controversial Lawsuit 

We are enthusiastic about James Franco and Elon Musk as assurance observers since we have evidence they are men who saw Amber Heard’s face in the days and nights between when she ensured Mr. Depp squashed her in the front on May 21 and when she went to court with painted on ‘wounds’ to get a Temporary Restraining Order on May 27, Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman told the outlet.

Golden Heard and James Franco once lived in a similar high rise and were taking a lift simultaneously. Period, he expressed. Johnny Depp and his group have been attempting and coming up short to put a lustful story dependent on this new film for a considerable length of time. It’s unfortunate.

Heard and Depp marry at the ages of 28 and 51, separately. The actress files for divorce from the Pirates of the Caribbean star following 15 months of marriage, referring to beyond reconciliation contrasts. Less than seven days after the fact, she documents domestic brutality limiting request against Depp, which is allowed.

During the aggregate of our relationship, Johnny has been loudly and genuinely harsh to me, she writes in court reports obtained persevered through unnecessary enthusiastic, verbal and physical maltreatment from Johnny, which has included irate unfriendly, mortifying and compromising ambushes to me at whatever point I scrutinized his power or couldn’t help contradicting him.

Photographs of her with wounds on her face also spread. In a court filing, Depp’s lawyer expressed, Golden is endeavoring to verify untimely monetary goals by claiming misuse.

A video where it claims Depp can see tossing a wine bottle and a glass in a kitchen with Heard likewise in the room. The Aquaman star denies releasing the recording.

Soon after that, Heard and her ex reach a $7 million separation settlement. Heard gives the whole add up to the American Civil Liberties Union, with a specific concentration to help stop viciousness against ladies, and to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.