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Two Pedophiles Who Brutally Abused And Killed 12-Year-Old Girl Are Executed By Gunshots

TWO men who assaulted and killed a 12-year-old girl have been openly executed by terminating squad in Somalia.

Abdifatah Abdirahman Warsame and Abdishakur Mohamed Dige were both shot in the principle square of Bossasso, on Somalia’s north coast, for the fierce executing of Aisha Ilyes Aden.

Aisha Ilyes Aden stole at a market in northern Puntland’s Galkayo town in February a year ago.

Her body was discovered the following morning close to her home, and she had been assaulted, her private parts ruined before being choked to death.

Adeer Ilyas, the unfortunate casualty’s dad, saw the execution and said he was cheerful that equity had been served.

The fierce idea of the slaughtering activated open shock and shows, just as an online dissent utilizing the hashtag JusticeForAisha.

Three men were indicted and condemned to death in May a year ago, and an intriguing court maintained the choice in June.


“This is an unmistakable sign that equity is served in Puntland,” said Puntland’s Justice Minister Awil Sheik Hamid told a news meeting.

“It is a caution for the individuals who attempt to complete violations against ladies and girls.”

The execution of a third man, Abdirahman Warsame’s sibling Abdisalam, was deferred for ten days in line with Aisha’s dad, Adan Ilyas.

Somalia’s semi-independent Puntland locale passed the nation’s first law condemning offenses, for example, inappropriate behavior and assault in 2016.

Assault unfortunate casualties in the East African country are vilified and compelled to wed aggressors.

Feelings under the law are uncommon, as police are either ignorant of the law or don’t consider savagery to be ladies as genuine wrongdoing, state ladies’ privileges campaigners.

Many assault survivors are hesitant to report mishandles, dreading they will be evaded, the campaigners state.

“This is the first run through such a sentence has been dispensed for a situation including a lady, and we praise the legislature,” said an announcement from the Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development, a neighborhood ladies’ privileges association.

“While we don’t bolster capital punishment, we accept that this will send the most grounded message that viciousness against ladies won’t go on without serious consequences.”

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