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12-Year-Old Abducted By Armed Grandmother From Hospital

Experts in Louisiana Saturday were looking for a 12-year-old girl they state was stolen at gunpoint from a clinic by her grandma.

The supposed abducting of Adreana Miller by Evelyn Miller was accounted for around 5 p.m. Friday at a therapeutic office in Jefferson, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said in an announcement.

“Evelyn Miller went into Adreana’s medical clinic space to expel her from the emergency clinic,” the announcement said. “At the point when emergency clinic staff endeavored to keep her from leaving with the youngster, she pointed a gun at a few of them. In making her get away from the area, she pushed one medical attendant to the ground and hit a security monitor with her vehicle.”

No wounds were accounted for. Specialists didn’t uncover why the girl was at the office.

Mill operator, 66, was outfitted with a pistol, specialists said. The 2019 Toyota Sienna minivan she was driving has been recuperated, Louisiana State Police said.

The suspect, last found in a purple shirt and dark jeans, and the 4-foot, 7-inch girl, who was wearing a white emergency clinic outfit, stayed everywhere Saturday.

The girl was the subject of a statewide “kid peril alert,” specialists said.

It wasn’t clear what inspiration, assuming any, was being credited to the suspect. Sheriff’s authorities said there is a capture warrant out for Evelyn Miller for seizing, irritated attack with a gun, battery and disregarding a gun-free zone.

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