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Woman Stabbed Pedophile With Box Cutter After He Tried To Physically Abuse Her

A Memphis man was captured after police say a lady he attempted to assault retaliated, wounding him in the head with a case shaper.

The lady told police she was strolling along Corning Avenue in Frayser on Monday when a man got her from behind, thumping them both to the ground.

The suspect pulled her jeans down to her lower legs before he started gnawing her face and stifling her.

That is the point at which the unfortunate casualty said she pulled out her crate shaper and wounded the man a few times in the face before he let her go. She, at that point, pursued him through a few patios before he escaped.

While police were taking the lady’s report, a call came in for an emergency vehicle. A man – who officials distinguished as Robert Williams – said he had been wounded a few times in the face and was seeping from his head.

The unfortunate casualty recognized Williams as her aggressor. Williams denied assaulting the lady.

He was accused of endeavored bothered assault.

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