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Cache County Woman Arrested After She Tried To Delay Firing By Reporting Bomb Threat

A Cache County lady was captured after police say she attempted to abstain from being terminated from her activity by detailing a bomb risk.

The 21-year-elderly person was captured Tuesday for the examination of making a risk of fear-based oppression.

The episode occurred on Monday at an “enormous work environment” in Logan, as indicated by a police sworn statement. The director there started getting instant messages just before 7 p.m. expressing: “You’ll need to empty your working environment ASAP (purple fallen angel emoticon)” and “Tick Tock (purple fiend emoticon, bomb emoticon, blast emoticon),” the oath states.

The chief at first didn’t have a favorable opinion of the risk until the presume communicated something specific with the boss’s name, her working environment and the shade of her vehicle, the oath states.

“A report to dispatch was made before long. The structure was cleared and no proof of a bomb was found,” as per the sworn statement.

A message, “Peril is noticeable all around,” was then sent to another representative just as to the lady they captured, the sworn statement states. At the point when an analyst analyzed the lady’s telephone to make sense of who sent the message, he found a TextNow application that connected back to her. That is when police went up against the lady at her home.

“I disclosed to her I accepted she had sent the writings and that I accept she had committed an error and that it gained out of power,” the testimony states. “She at that point answered it was an error and she thought she would have been terminated from work and that is the reason she did it.”

The lady proceeded to clarify she had missed a great deal of work recently and her manager should converse with her on Monday, so she “chose to remove the consideration from herself” by messaging in a bomb risk, as indicated by the sworn statement.

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