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NASA Planning To Visit Moon Once In Every Year

The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) has not sent its astronauts on the Moon since 1972. But the planetary experts at the agency are planning to make trips to the Moon starting from 2021.

The officials are planning to visit Moon once in every year starting from 2021, and this would reportedly continue up to 2030.

The space agency put out the ideas in its Budget Estimates report for 2021. The first Artemis mission would be executed in 2021, but it would be an unmanned mission. Then, in 2022, a test crew flight will occur, accompanied by the Gateway space station. This station is an outpost that would allow rover reportedly around the Moon.

From 2024 until 2030, human-crewed Artemis missions would once again send humans on the Moon.

The cause for the swift concentrating on the Moon after years of no missions is to achieve knowledge on the Moon that would provide way future human Mars research. The U.S based space agency wants to examine out things like how long-term human spaceflight affects astronaut health, ascertaining out to live efficiently on another terrestrial body, and obtaining expertise to develop the systems and processes that would be required to investigate the more challenging surface of Mars.

Because of the agency’s positions on the Moon, NASA’s prophesied budgets for the following years show these moon missions. In 2021, the planetary experts at the agency predicted a $25.2 billion budget and an enormous budget of $27.2 billion in 2022

The Moon-to-Mars drive alone will introduce NASA back $12,371 million, which adds over $3 million for the improvement of a lunar Human Landing System.

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