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NASA Reveals That SpaceX Is Just Days Away From Sending Its First Astronauts Into Space

Officials at the National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) have informed that the SpaceX is just days behind and is busy completing paperwork ahead of its first astronauts’ launch.

The date of the launch has been decided as May 7, and every individual at SpaceX is working hard for achieving this milestone.

SpaceX’s spaceship, called Crew Dragon, was formed as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. In this program, many private companies were asked to design and develop new astronaut-ready spacecraft. Among many companies, Boeing and SpaceX came out on top in the competition. Now, both of these companies are preparing to launch their first astronauts into the solar system.

But SpaceX’s manned launch will nearly mark the first human effort of any commercial spacecraft. This is because Boeing is facing obstacles and an internal security review following a group of software faults detected during a test flight.

Crew Dragon’s crewless test flight to the space station moved quickly, however, which transmits SpaceX with review and some paperwork to complete.

The director of the Johnson Space Center said that the company had kept May 7 as the launch target to Ars Technica. He further stated that the date is not guaranteed and that programs will presumably change.

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