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A Texas Girl Who Is Struggling With Cancer Says Student Snatched Wig Off Her Head And Make Fun

Their noisy serenades could be heard Friday outside Bowman Middle School as understudies were rejected. About two dozen dissenters, many holding signs, were conveying a solid message against tormenting.

“Stop the harassers,” the gathering yelled. “Spare an actual existence!”

Individuals from the gathering were organizing the showing on the side of A’Myah Moon. The 11-year-old 6th grader was supposedly the objective of a demonstration of harassing that heightened to, what the kid’s family portrays as, “a mortifying trick by one of her schoolmates.”

“A young lady pursued her around the exercise center. Somebody she thought was a companion, pursued her around the rec center, and pulled her wig off before everybody,” Syreeta Smith said.

Smith says her girl was being singled out and harassed over her appearance.

The family says Moon was determined to have an uncommon malignant growth, a little more than one year prior. The young lady has week after week specialist’s visits, fortnightly chemotherapy sessions, and customary blood transfusions to treat her ailment.

The youngster lost every last bit of her hair because of chemo medicines.

“In this way, when she began school back in October, we got her a wig so she could feel sure, and sort of fit in and feel typical,” Smith said.

The wig, relatives state, gave Moon a specific conviction that all is good in school. That security was ripped away when her wig was ripped off her head and supposedly called defamatory names before different understudies.

“I simply need to leave school perpetually, and don’t have any desire to have no companions, no more,” Moon said.

The 6th grader said she raced to a bathroom, bolted herself inside, and cried.

“I got extremely miserable, and I got dazed and I left,” Moon said.

A representative from the Plano Independent School District discharged an announcement late Friday evening, saying the wellbeing and prosperity of every one of its understudies it a need.

The school area’s reaction hasn’t been quick enough, as indicated by Moon’s relatives, different guardians, and concerned network individuals.

All appeared at the counter harasser fight outside Bowman Middle School and have been sending messages of help to the youngster’s family on the web.

Moon’s grandma, Shelia Walker, says she needs everybody to realize harassing is a major issue.

“We didn’t have the foggiest idea how genuine it was until our own kid began experiencing it,” Walker said.

Moon and her family said they simply need her school to be where she can remove her brain from her disease.

“She’s simply attempting to be a typical 11-year-old and it’s hard when you must battle a battle over the battle,” Walker said.

The family is asking all guardians to talk with their youngsters about the effect tormenting can have on others.

“We won’t endure it,” Smith said.

Moon’s family said a nearby relative of the kid who grabbed her wig called Walker, on Friday, to apologize about the episode.

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