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Will We Have ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ On Netflix?

The nostalgia of the Mario Brother is all set to take you from the 80s to 2020, and this quantum leap is made possible with the release of “Sonic The Hedgehog.” Mario Brothers are everyone’s, favorite and they were the undisputed kings of their times when it used to the times of video games. The video game was such a blockbuster that there was hardly any country in the world where Mario Brothers haven’t reached.

Now the Mario movie is all set to live up to its name, and it’s evident from the income figures of the film. The game was hit, and now the film is a blockbuster, and the fans have all the reason to get excited about the movie. The movie has grossed $100 million globally, and now is the time to see the movie on Netflix. So now we will update, what are the chances of seeing Sonic The Hedgehog on Netflix. On top of it, all the details about the movie will be updated in later articles.

‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ On Netflix?

Sonic The Hedgehog was such a character who hasn’t got much recognition in the video game world. But the movie has broken all the records. Unlike the game, the movie proved to be highly efficient on the commercial viability, and that’s the very reason it has crossed the gigantic figure of $100 million. And the best part about the collection is that the movie has grossed to such a gigantic figure in the first week itself.

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The movie is all set to break records, and there isn’t an iota of possibility about breaking records in the anime segment and also become one of the highest video game-based movies. This is not unprecedented; even in the past, many films have broken the records by grossing humungous figures. If we take the prince of Persia, for example, the movie has grossed $300 million. And the bar set by the movie is still intact, but now with the Sonic The Hedgehog around the corner, there are ample chances that it can also claim such numbers amid the movie’s performance in the first week itself.

So now coming to the Netflix part. Well, lately, Netflix has been involved with anime movies, and recently The Witcher seemed to be successful, and this suffices to prove that the show will draw other movies in the segment. And on top of it, Netflix has such a vast reach that the movie makers will give a thought to air the film on Netflix. But as of now, there are no such prior commitments, so it will be tough to predict if the movie will be up on Netflix.

Now is the time to wait, and if there is anything substantial that comes from any other source, we will try to update you with all the information we have at our disposal.

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