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Protecting Your Mac: PC Matic Antivirus

There is a widespread opinion that only a PC needs a separate antivirus program to keep the hardware protected from malicious files and hacker attacks. However, even an Apple gear can fall victim to those without maintaining the digital hygiene of your gear. It means that even working with a macOS, you ought to be critical about the files you download, open, and install. Despite the self-sufficiency of this operation system, the best way to make sure it will not fail is getting an antivirus, just as it is for PCs. The option we have for you to consider is here in our PC Matic for Mac review, where we highlight the main benefits your gear can get with it. 


One of the key features that distinguish PC Matic from other antivirus programs is the very principle of detecting malicious applications. While most of the programs in the market analyze the introduced programs after they appear on the computer for possible blacklisting of them, PC Matic works the opposite way. It analyzes what is already on your computer for safety, and creates the ‘whitelist’ of the programs you can positively trust. Then, the antivirus software mistrusts all the other appearing programs by default until you whitelist them manually, or the antivirus adds it to the whitelist. Thus, there is barely a possibility of infecting your gear with malicious programs or hacker attacks. 

The principle of selecting trustworthy programs first may primarily seem like an inconvenience: if you are used to an antivirus that works the opposite way, you can sometimes get confused why even the program you launch every day is not in the whitelist. However, the logic behind it is clear: it is easier to whitelist your trusted programs once and stay protected. Besides, with such an approach, it will be a novelty compared to your previous antivirus, but it takes a little time to get used to the convenience of this approach. 

System Load

Another benefit of whitelisting first is the way it affects your system. An antivirus that follows the traditional principle of detecting malware is always running background checks while you use your computer, and it slows down your whole gear. With all the safe programs whitelisted and no other programs appearing, your antivirus will not take as much RAM as a conventional one, thus, making your experience with the computer less stressful. 

Besides, PC Matic showed overall great results regarding the system load. It means it will not slow your system down while you are working, playing, or just watching videos of funny cats. Another feature that will help you to increase the efficiency of your computer is temporary file cleaning. You can perform it by yourself or schedule the checks with the frequency that is suitable for you. 

Test Results 

As for the test results, PC Matic showed a sufficient level of protection, which is as well due to the approach of whitelisting instead of blacklisting. In testing, the antivirus blocked most of the potentially malicious programs and files. However, the issue that emerged with it is the number of false-positive results. However, it is not the big of the program, as it views all software as unsafe in the first place to prevent any, even potential threats from entering your system. 

Therefore, according to the classical approach to the principles of antivirus work, PC Matic presented outstanding protection levels combined with the low level of system load, which makes it an attractive option for both personal and commercial use. 

Mac Compatibility

Despite the name of the antivirus, PC Matic is compatible with macOS and gen be of great help to its users, as it will check the programs you install and the files you download in your browser. The main problem in software security for macOS is that not all the programs you need can be found in the store, which is why your system will be extremely suspicious about the applications you install. To make sure your Apple computer will be okay running such programs, PC Matic will, again, whitelist everything that is safe you to install and run. Besides, your Mac will not need clean trash files as often as a PC does, but it does not mean it is best without any antivirus. 

Bottom Line

Whether you decide you need additional protection for your computer or you are satisfied with it so far, it never is too safe. PC Matic is an antivirus that works equally well on different systems and will enhance the level of protection that Mac already has. You might want to consider this option if not all the programs you have are from the official store. In this case, you will offload your RAM and will be able to focus on your tasks. 

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