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Killing Eve: Will We Have A Season 3 For BBC Show? Here’s What You Should Know.

When evil intentions and obsession intermix, there is no stopping the person. Fans could not get enough of the kickass assassin Villanelle. She soon becomes obsessed with officer Eve and that’s when the show takes off for a roller coaster ride.

Villanelle Is Getting Married In The Upcoming New Third Season? Who Is This New Mystery Bride?

After two smashing back to back seasons with an intense chase between the two power women. However, the second season ended in such an intense note that it was too much for fans to dive in. With Suzanne Heathcote’s being the new writer, the previous writer has also proved her saying that the show is going in good hands.

If you’re already looking forward to the third season, let us tell you all that Villanelle is getting married to a Spanish woman. As crazy it may sound, the shot was filmed at stately home Tyringham Hall in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. No matter how things went out with Eve and Villanelle, the Spanish bride looks all lived up with the deadly assassin.

Is Eve Going To Survive The Fatal Injury After Villanelle Shot Her?

The scene will show all the adorable cake cutting session and the inclusion of a big Spanish band. However, Jodie will soon spot an enemy amidst the crowd and will go after that person. We saw that Even was fatally wounded by being by Villanelle. However, Sandra Oh has confirmed that she survived the wound!

While Even was wounded by Villanelle, fans are still hopeful that the two will reunite and will again be on the run. However, we must not forget the fact that things might just get too real, and well, one is an obvious psychopath, and the other isn’t. Things are complicated, and so are the relationships that are at stake.

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