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Man Booked For Allegedly Shooting Kids Who Threw Snowballs At Him

A brief description of the incidence

A Wisconsin man is booked for allegedly shooting three kids after they threw several snowballs in his car last month.

The suspect fired on the group of children

William Carson, 24, is accused of firing at a group of 7 people who were throwing snowballs at the passing vehicles in Milwaukee.
The group of little children threw one ball at Carson’s car, and suddenly he turned around his car and started shooting on children.

Three children were injured

One child was shot in the thigh, a second was hit in the arm, and another kid’s jacket was grazed by a bullet, the report said.

Carson sped up from the scene but was caught while driving under the influence.
Cops discovered a gun from Carson’s car, which is highly probable. Luckily all the children are in stable condition and did not have any major injury.

Charges against William

Carson is accused of several charges, including first-degree reckless injury and use of a dangerous weapon.

Cops have not found a reason for the firing. He will be sent to the nearby hospital for mental health and psychological checkup. Police is investigating in the case. Williams will be provided the lawyer to prove himself wrong, and if he is not able to prove himself innocent, he will be imprisoned. His first trial has been scheduled for March.

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