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Warning!!! NASA Issues Concern Over Asteroid Heading Towards Earth At 33,000 MPH

NASA said the asteroid to visit our planet on what has been known as a “nearby methodology” direction. The space rock flew towards our planet at paces of about 14.80km every second or 33,106mph (53,280km/h).

The Asteroid Will Soon Advance Towards Earth

NASA said the space rock moved toward the planet soon after Thursday, February 20).

NASA’s space rock trackers at the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) anticipated the space rock would be nearest to Earth around 12.09 pm GMT (7.09 am EST) tomorrow.

The news comes one year after NASA’s following system and administration affirmed the space rock’s presence in the close planetary system.

NASA has since named the space rock Asteroid 2019 BE5 and decided it is an Aten-type close Earth object (NEO).

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Aten-type rocks are space rocks zooming around the close planetary system in a direction like Asteroid 2062 Aten.

Other Updates From NASA’s Officials

NEOs are, for the most part, comets and space rocks that approach the Sun inside 1.3 galactic units.

As indicated by the European Space Agency (ESA), NEOs regularly visit Earth’s side of the room – in some cases, really close.

ESA stated: “NEOs might hit our planet and, contingent upon their size, produce extensive harm.

“While the possibility of an enormous item hitting Earth is exceptionally little, it would deliver a lot of devastation.”

At the lower end of the standard, the space rock is sufficiently large to punch through the planet’s air and hit the ground

In the event a rough meteoroid bigger than 25 meters, however, littler than one kilometer were to hit Earth, it would almost certainly make neighborhood destruction and impact the place.”

At the upper finish of NASA’s standard, the space rock is practically identical in height to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

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