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Woman Accused Of Giving Narcotics To Mother With Cupcake To Allegedly Steal Her Baby Says ‘I Am Not Guilty’

A Washington lady blamed for acting like a picture taker and sedating a lady trying to take her child claims she is honest.

As indicated by Komo News, Juliette Parker, 38, entered a not blameworthy supplication at the Pierce County Superior Court. Both Pierce and her 16-year-old little girl were captured Friday at their home in Spanaway. Parker recently posted a $50,000 bond after her capture yet the judge raised the attach to $150,000 in the wake of considering the wellbeing of the kids in question.

As CrimeOnline is recently detailed, Parker and her little girl were confined a week ago on doubt of hijacking and ambush.

Parker purportedly posted web promotions as a picture taker and offered to take photographs of babies for nothing so she could grow her portfolio, as per the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

In a February 5 photograph session, Parker and her little girl visited the mother of a 3-week-old girl and offered her cupcake, as indicated by police.

The injured individual said she ate the treat and afterward felt lazy and numb, so, all things considered, she asked Parker and her little girl to leave.

The person in question, recognized as Elysia Miller, before long saw that her keys were missing, so she called 911 to report being tranquilized. The injured individual said Parker shot herself with the infant. She saw that Parker had cleaned down things she had contacted in the home.

“I’m excessively spacey, similar to it’s difficult to talk and my hand, my feet, and my arms are too numb. I feel like my breathing is jacked and I’ve vomited like multiple times now,” Miller told 911.

Despite the fact that she fled without the baby, police affirmed that Parker needed another child to raise as her own, and the sedating the unfortunate casualty was a piece of her messed up the try to take the lady’s infant.

Court reports demonstrate that the speculate asked a male companion where to get the “date assault tranquilize” GHB. Parker purportedly told the companion that she required it to take an infant.

Since her capture, as per CBS News, more than 10 individuals guarantee Parker visited them at their homes to take photographs while she acted like an expert picture taker. Agents said Parker was likely was scanning for the ideal child to take, yet it must be a girl.

“She needed a girl,” Ed Troyer of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said. “She needed them five weeks and more youthful so she could raise it herself, remove it from state and imagine it was her very own infant.”

Victoria Morris, a lady who met Parker on Facebook, said the supposed phony picture taker had been to her home a few times while she was as yet pregnant, and should be at the emergency clinic with her when she conceived an offspring. Around the same time, she conveyed her child, in any case, Parker was captured.

“I’m truly vexed and frightened in light of the fact that she had my location and has been in my home,” Parke revealed to Good Morning America.

Specialists said various other ladies welcomed Parker into their home after she publicized via web-based networking media to take free photos of babies to assemble her portfolio. Parker dismissed at any rate one lady, Amanda Appling, on the grounds that she had a newborn child.

“She educated me she wasn’t searching for a kid however she’d spare his image and let me know whether she was searching for a boy to do photographs with,” Appling told GMA.

Specialists state Parker had different false names, including “Juliette Noel” and “Juliette Gains.”

Parker recently lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she fruitlessly ran for civic chairman in April 2019, as indicated by the Colorado Springs Gazette. During her crusade, she upheld for reasonable lodging and helping the destitute.

She told the Gazette that she had gone through the vast majority of her time on earth in Texas and Washington.

Parker was discharged from prison on Sunday evening in the wake of making a $50,000 bond. It’s hazy what Parker’s little girl has been accused of, however, both mother and girl are planned to show up in court on Tuesday.

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