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Bride Who Punched Her Sister In Law At Wedding Reveals Her Husband Left Her


A bride says she was forced to punch her new sister-in-law during her wedding and now her new husband has left her after the incident.

The bride shared her story on social media, explaining that her recent wedding was a ‘living hell’ because of the drama.

She said that the groom’s sister showed up drunk, stole gifts, then staged her own marriage proposal, at which point the bride lost it and threw punches.

The bride seems to have been repeatedly provoked up until the moment she snapped.

‘Sister-in-law made our recent wedding a living hell,‘ she said.

First, she ‘strolled in drunk,’ then progressed to throw up all over the gift table. While they were cleaning up, she uses the opportunity to steal envelopes with cash and checks given to the newlyweds as gifts.

Finally, she ‘proposed to HER boyfriend at my reception’ and he declined.

Clearly pushed to her limit, the bride punched the sister-in-law and says that her new husband left her because of it.

Seeking Advice

But perhaps the wildest part of the story is that the bride is looking for advice on how to win the man back.

Dozens of Twitter users chimed in with words of wisdom, with every single one telling her to let the man go.

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