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Family Members Of Missing Georgia Woman Search For Woman After Man Who Went Missing From The Same Location Is Found Dead

Relatives of a missing Georgia lady are attempting to keep the hunt and expectation alive a month after her vanishing.

As the Calhoun Times reports, 20-year-old Keeslyn Noell Roberts has not been seen since approximately January 18, when she allegedly fled the Flying J travel focus in Resaca after a showdown at the store. As indicated by the report, Roberts entered a kitchen territory, where clients are not allowed, and dropped a rucksack containing her wallet and ID as she hurriedly left the store. The Gordon County Sheriff’s Office said in an official statement that officials reacted to a call of a suspicious female the day she was most recently seen. As per WDEF, Roberts’ vehicle was abandoned in the parking garage.

A man who had been accounted for missing and was most recently seen at the Flying J on January 16 was discovered dead on February 2 of every a lush region. Police have apparently said there is no association between the two vanishings, and that Roberts and the perished male, Caleb Nathaniel Smith, didn’t have any acquaintance with one another.

Roberts’ dad has said he accepts law requirement isn’t doing what’s needed to discover his little girl and disclosed to WDEF that the nonappearance of any observation film from the Flying J makes the circumstance much increasingly troublesome.

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Source: Crime Online

“These things occur at truck stops,” Eric Roberts, who is a truck driver himself, told WDEF.

“The terrible thing about it is that the Flying J has no cameras in the parking garages by any means. No lighting barely by any stretch of the imagination.”

As the Calhoun News reports, Keeslyn Roberts had an exceptional capture warrant for a probation infringement at the hour of her vanishing. Her dad demonstrated he accepts police aren’t paying attention to Keeslyn’s vanishing enough and noticed that she likely took her mobile phone with her, as it was not found at the scene. Be that as it may, the sum total of what calls have been going directly to voice message.

“That is the most frightful thing, that nobody is doing anything for my girl, saying they can’t do this or this or this in light of the fact that there’s no point,” Eric Roberts told the paper.

The frantic dad has been bolstered by network prepared scans for his girl, as he attempts to remain hopeful.

“Just to forget about that and give me harmony right since shes still alive. She’s well and she will be found. I despise everything that has trust.”

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