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Fishermen Records A Great Chase Between Millitary Jets And UFO

An ordinary day in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Spain, has prompted a progression of impossible events, luckily caught on tape by some nearby fishermen.

A group of Galician fishermen was doing what needs to be done when they heard some uproarious bustles originating from the horizon: uFOs and military jets into the sky.

Fishermen Records The Chase Between UFO And Military Jets

The recording was caught in late 2009, offering a moderately low-quality picture at the same time, the dash of occasions that followed offers a stunning view on a UFO submerging into the Sea with military planes hot on its tail.

Chase Between Military Jets And UFO
Source: Daily Mail

Turning the camera on with frenzy and perplexity, the fishermen figure out how to amaze what appears to be two battling planes rolling in from the right side.

Over a brief timeframe, a UFO appears to one side, rapidly submerging into the water, trailed by the two military jets that recently passed by the fishermen’s boat.

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Frenzy can be perused on the Galician angler’s face, ignorant of what’s going on.

While still in stun, the person holding the camera shocks military jets moving toward the pontoon, with its workforce shouting at the team to stay in position.

On the off chance that this video is real, at that point, we are seeing a glorious scene of a UFO pursued and simultaneously baiting by the military.

The fishermen’s face is shrouded, as is the name of the boat for clear security reasons, driving towards the finish of the video being real.

As it occurs, the Mediterranean Sea has seen different experiences of such sort.

In 1968, a NATO squadron working in the region on a battleship saw a similar occasion, this time during evening time.

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