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Knoxville Father Accused Of Throwing 1-Year-Old Child

Father Accused Of Throwing 1-Year-Old Child

A Knoxville father is blamed for tossing his 1-year-old youngster 15 feet over a solid parking garage at his ex prior this week, as indicated by court records. Officials said they reacted to Woodgate Apartments on Cedar Lane Monday night after a report of a household question between an ex and ex. As indicated by capture records, Jacques Tyrion Davis, 24, and his ex got into a verbal contention that turned physical.

Investigation Status

She told agents that while she and Jacques were contending, he punched her in the face with a shut clench hand. The report said she advised officials she went to a neighbor’s home and disclosed to him she was calling the police, so he took her telephone and tossed it on the ground to break it, so she was unable to call. As indicated by the report, she, at that point, told agents Jacques took their kid, and when she requested the kid back, Jacques supposedly “took the kid with one hand and tossed the kid at [her] over separation of 15 feet over the solid parking garage.”

She said she got the youngster in her arms, notwithstanding, the kid’s head was tossed back brutally in a whiplash style while she got them. The report said she told agents the kid at that point started crying lavishly. Sooner or later, Jacques recovered the youngster and fled the scene in his vehicle at a high pace, the report said.
Witnesses additionally stated, as per the report, they saw Jacques punch his ex in the face and break her telephone. They said they saw him lose the kid and later take with the kid.

The report said police situated Jacques and the kid was taken from him. He was arrested for the local attack, impedance with 911 calls, and youngster misuse. “Jacques expressed he broke [her] telephone when she said expressed she was going to call the police,” the report said. He denied the ambush occurred. Jacques additionally had his ex’s ID when he was arrested, the report said. She told agents she would catch up with clinical experts to check the kid for wounds.

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