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Man Who Drinks A Glass Of His Own Urine And Rubs It On His Face Claims It Cured His Depression

Urine As An Anti-Aging

Harry Matadeen, from Farnborough, Hampshire, claims he feels better than ever after he started drinking his own urine every day and he even moisturizes with it, praising its anti-aging properties.

The 32-year-old health coach first began the practice four years ago, after reading about its claimed benefits.

He now downs 200ml of his aged urine which can be a few weeks to a month old topped up with fresh urine on a daily basis.

And although he strived at first with the taste, Harry now loves the flavor of his aged urine.

Harry also kneads it into his skin in the morning and insists that it’s the ultimate anti-aging product.

Harry’s Theory

He says he feels healthier, happier and smarter than ever before, claiming that drinking aged urine cured his depression, and he now regularly gets mistaken for a man in his twenties.

Harry has written two books on the power of aged urine therapy and wants to teach people to be more open-minded about its healing abilities, emphasizing that it’s the most powerful medicine available.

Harry added that people are ‘frequently surprised’ when they find out his age, and puts it down to massaging some of his aged urine into his face every morning.

‘Most people think I look in my twenties,’ he claimed. ‘It’s a top-end moisturizer and removes wrinkles and it has 2 percent urea in it, which is a substance the best anti-aging creams use.

Harry has dedicated his life to educating more people about it and has over more than 2,500 followers on social media.

‘I envision in the near future that every household across the world will have aged urine bottles, for daily disease prevention or an energy boost or for healing wounds and bruises,’ he said. 

‘To that end, I shall continue to promote aged urine therapy, and I’m more than happy to be known as that guy drinking pee!’

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