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WOW!!! NASA Photos From NASA Reveals International Space Station Crossing The Moon

NASA has uncovered a perfect picture of the Moon, Mars and the International Space Station.

The epic photo was caught on Feb. 18 and showed the ISS crossing before the Moon around 250 miles above Earth.

The winding down bow moon is flanked by a minor gleaming red spot, which is Mars. Maybe the most energizing piece of the picture is the space station cross before the Moon.

It’s enlightened before morning sunlight and was caught entirely by the famous photographer Paul Schmit and his dad Gary.

I’ve been struggling and planning this shot for about a month, keeping my fingers crossed that a part of the confounding factors that could have ruined this shot wouldn’t prompt a botched chance,” Paul Schmit clarified to The Sun.

At 6:25 neighborhood time over the skies of northern New Mexico, the ISS was getting its first looks at the early-morning sunlight many miles over the Earth’s surface,” Schmit said. “While Mars gradually subsided away from the moon’s clouded and dark side.”

International Space Station

The Sun reports that the International Space Station took less than a second to cross before the Moon’s orbit.

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It’s an incredible stunt shot to catch, and required enormous planning and setup– including for possible rogue climate.

Fogs and Clouds were an issue in my general vicinity, compelling me to plan different observing locales over a ~100-mile district and utilize satellite information and climate recreations the morning of the shoot to pick the last spot,” Paul said.

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