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16-Year-Old Boy Left Disabled After He Was Attacked With Walking Dead Style Baseball Bat

16-Year-Old Boy Left Disabled After He Was Attacked With Baseball Bat

John Callis-Woolsey, 18, and Kyle Cullen assaulted their injured individual with the bat, which was smeared with the word ‘Lucille’ that has been depicted as looking like something from The Walking Dead. In the wake of propelling the ruthless ambush, Callis-Woosley then celebrated by doing the ‘Floss’ move from the well-known PC game Fortnite. The unfortunate casualty’s mum is presently cautioning of the effect vicious games and TV projects can have on youths after Callis-Woolsey was imprisoned for a long time today.

This Is Actually What Happened

Her child was left hospitalized for nine months and now requires full-time care because of a deeply rooted cerebrum injury, which has left him being just ready to stroll with the guide of an edge. The mother stated: ‘This was a careless and unjustifiable demonstration of extreme brutality. I was stunned when I saw the ugly looking weapon that was utilized.

‘I might want the makers and makers of such projects to know the impact the substance has on juvenile personalities. ‘The ambush has changed our lives perpetually, my child is carrying out an actual existence punishment, and specialists have prompted that he will stay handicapped for a mind-blowing remainder.’ Derby Crown Court heard they did their assault on November 13, 2018, in Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbyshire, where Callis Woolsey lived.

Callis Woolsey was imprisoned for a long time for GBH, while Cullan was given a year for arranging a theft. Criminologist Constable Derek Ellis stated: ‘This was a demonstration of outrageous savagery which was arranged, organized and completed by an adolescent for a reasonably insignificant issue. ‘His activities that night have drastically adjusted the course of two youthful and splendid promising lives, one of which was his own. ‘The person in question and his close family have needed to deal with the outcomes of that night.

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