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Britney Spears Admitted In Hospital? How Bad Is Her Health?

Britney Spears Admitted In Hospital? How Bad Is Her Health?

Britney Spears’ boyfriend, Sam Asghari, reports that the lyricist is in the hospital after she broke her leg. Asghari, 26, said Tuesday: “It’s especially good when you break something when you’re my girl.” The legend continued: “My lioness is doing what she loves by breaking the metatarsal bone in her leg, which is dancing in recovery. I wish her the best recovery so she can jump, run and dance with her butt.” I could “#stronger”.

It is not clear which of the five bones broke.

Metatarsal bones are groups of five bones located between the toes and the heel of the foot.  In a video posted on his Instagram, he is writing “Stronger”, one of his opening songs for his artists. Spears, 38, heard Asghari say in the video: “I love you.” Spears’ sister, Jamie Lynn, 28, commented in the photo: “Between him and Maddy, we have a hospital.”

Jamie Lynn’s 11-year-old daughter had a buckle fracture in her hand, a common type of fracture in young children while playing quietly on Friday. Blast reported Monday that Spears’ guardianship had extended several more months. In September 2019, Spears’ care manager, Jody Montgomery, assumed the role of his father’s mentor and will continue in office until April 2020.

Spears has not yet commented on the reported injury. Her most recent publication, about a new remix of her song “Toxic,” is January 31.

Spears and Asghari started dating in 2016 after they met on the set of Spears ‘Slumber Party’ music video. They became executives of the red carpet in 2019 when they once walked together on Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood premieres and brilliant ring spears sparked rumours that Spears and Asgary could be engaged in the event. So far, none has confirmed whether they plan to marry. Committed or not, it seems that Asghari takes care of Spears in his time of need, at least when it comes to designing his new cast.

While Spears is recovering from his recent injury, the world is seeing his old music again: according to Buzzfeed, the video for his song “Womanizer”, which was released in October 2009, was the most-watched on YouTube of the week. One of the videos has been created. Without explanation.

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