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Florida School Supervisor Arrested After He Failed To Report 12-Year-Old’s Skull Fracture

A 12-year-old kid’s skull was cracked during a fight with a conduct interventionist at a school in Pinellas Park on Feb. 11, police said.

As per Pinellas Park police, the 12-year-old kid had been “carrying on” at lunch, so he was placed in a secluded room called the “Room of Opportunity” with 34-year-old Dontae Thomas. Police said Thomas, a 300-pound man, utilized an “arm-bar” move to bring the 100-pound kid down, yet pummeled the youngster on his head.

Police said the kid began regurgitating and losing cognizance and was in the space for around an hour and a half.

An alternate conduct interventionist accompanied him to a gathering room, where he was under perception for around 30 minutes.

The understudy was then joined by the director, Jarvis Delon West, to board the transport. As indicated by the capture report, West was “made mindful of the way that power was utilized against the understudy, that the understudy was in clear clinical coercion.”

Police said West said nothing to the kid’s mom, who thought her youngster was debilitated with seasonal influenza. Two days passed, and the mother became worried that her child was not beating that, so she carried him to All Children’s Hospital, where specialists determined him to have a broken skull, two subdural hematomas, and a mental drain.

“These wounds are accepted to be the aftereffect of the previously mentioned physical experience,” police said.

West, 28, was captured and accused of inability to report youngster disregard and disregard of a kid bringing about incredible substantial mischief. Police didn’t promptly report what charges Thomas may confront.

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