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Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: Netflix Premiere Date, Casting Information And Storyline.

While fans are rejoicing the fact that Hulu has renewed the popular dystopian drama The Handmaid’s Tale for a fourth season, we are equally keen to know June’s future which seems to be quite bleak.

Is June Going To Die In The Season 4 Of The Handmaid’s Tale? The Showrunner Drops Major Hints.

June’s destiny is deemed in pain as she is forcefully taken away by other fellow Handmaids. Something dark and gruesome awaits, which is worse than getting shot! As fans witnessed in the third season, Gilead took a huge blow to its society. However, it looks like June’s efforts could continue to work against Gilead’s favor in the upcoming fourth season.

After June did the right thing and sent some children away to Canada, fans are assuming there will be quite the backlash from the Draconian state. While fans are not sure whether Gilead will be able to revive after these two major blows. The recent teaser shared by the show’s official Twitter account also seems to be a bit cryptic. A lot of things are coming our way as suggested by June’s sly smile.

There Might Be Some Bad News For Gilead In The Upcoming Season 4!

Fred And Serena can also be a major threat as they can give away a lot of major information in exchange for some of their freedom. Showrunner Bruce Miller assured fans that the community will somehow bounce back. Well, there might be some bad news, as well as the community, will also fail in a certain way.

The showrunner Bruce further stated that Fred being captured is surely not good news for Gilead. The showrunner further drops some chilling hint that is implying that June might die in season 4. If this is really what happens then fans will be heartbroken for sure.

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