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How Does MIT Want To Save Earth From Deadly Asteroids

Well, it’s not like an asteroid is going to crash the Earth tomorrow, but when one does, it’s
sure to cause havoc. Remember the end of dinosaurs? An entire species wiped off because
of an asteroid.

The Earth is always under danger as these events as often not predictable. A team of researchers at MIT was working on solutions to avoid the collision with such
“planet-killer” asteroids. These asteroids are the most astronomical objects that can potentially collide with our planet.

Very recently, they figured a solution for it. But this solution involves a lot of factors. For this solution to work, they need to know multiple parameters like the mass and momentum of the asteroid, the amount of warning time, and its proximity to about; gravitational keyhole from what they claim, it’s a simple solution that can be deployed

The idea is simple; they divert the asteroid as soon as it passes through a “keyhole passage,” a location pinpointed by scientists where the object can be distracted easily.
Sung Wook Paek, MIT’s lead researcher, who led this study, said, “People have mostly
considered strategies of last-minute deflection when the asteroid has already passed
through a keyhole and is heading toward a collision with Earth.

I’m interested in preventing keyhole passage well before Earth’s impact. It’s like a pre-emptive strike, with less mess.”

Soon, the researches will have a chance to test out their findings too. One such asteroid
is going to be in the Earth’s vicinity shortly. 99942 Apophis, a giant planet-killer
the asteroid is expected to be around Earth on April 13 th 2019.

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