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MIRACLE!!! NASA’s Space Experts Sees Plants In Space

Plants, very much like all living beings, are active in the day and get less productive as the day passes by. NASA had sent a “space botanist” to observe the behavior of plants in the space environment. Observing the behavior of plants, the botanist noticed that it could be observed when the plants stir up and start their day.

Of course, plants do not sleep like humans. While plants can’t see that it’s dark and night, their internal clocks notify them about the day end. Plants too, like humans and all living beings, have internal clocks. Their circadian rhythms tell them when it’s night and when it’s the day.

The plants stir up as soon as the sun comes up and begin with the process of photosynthesis. It can be observed when the plants take in the sunlight and absorb the water from the soil. They turn it into food, that is energy. Through the process of photosynthesis, they convert light energy into chemical energy. That’s how they release Carbon Dioxide as a by-product.

There’s another by-product too, the excess water. The left-over water, or the “sweat,” as one can call it in human terms, is let out through the pores of the leaves. It also helps the plants to cool down themselves. This process is called evapotranspiration, an amalgamation of the words evaporation and transpiration.

This new finding is a brand new insight into behavioral patterns of plants that will help a lot of scientists in research.

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