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Sex Education Season 3 On Netflix: Premiere Date And Everything We Know So Far.

While the whole fandom is pretty much hating Issac for deleting the voice message that Otis had sent to Maeve, we have a lot to look forward at the third season of the popular Netflix show Sex Education.

Has Isaac Managed To Create A Rift Between Maeve And Otis?

While the second season was just a whole lot to take in, we were thrilled by some positive stories while some characters left behind a few cliffhangers. Mooredale seems to be under the clutches of the problem called chlamydia! The show is one of the most popular series on Netflix that can return for a third run in the year 2021.

Otis is still finding it difficult to come in terms with the fact that his mother is dating Ola’s father. How will Otis be okay in this awkward situation? Otis has seemed to be thrilled to have discovered his newfound sex drive! While Otis is in a relationship with Ola, Eric has decided to see how things go with his former bully!

When Will The Sex Education Season 3 Coming On Netflix?

After Issac deleted the voicemail in utter jealousy, fans are still curious about Maeve and Otis’ equation. Where exactly do they stand at this point in the show? It was announced earlier this month by Netflix that the show will return for yet another season! Now that Otis has managed to make many enemies after his drunken speech at the party where he somehow lambasts both Ola and Maeve.

While all the characters are a tad bit confused in one way or the either, fans soon need these cliff hangers to be solved in the next season! While fans are looking forward to some romance between Maeve and Otis’. We will get a fair chance to explore more about this complicated equation between the characters.

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