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Stranger Things Season 4 On Netflix: Major Updates On Release Date, Cast Members And Story.

Well, the biggest revelation that has shocked fans beyond senses is that Jim Hopper is very much alive! The long ongoing debate that was going on about David Harbor ’s character has finally met a steady conclusion.

Jim Hopper Is The Mysterious American And Fans Are Thrilled About It!

While the new video that Netflix has released answers to one major question, it has still given rise to some other big question as well! Where is Hopper living? What is he doing in the Russians’ camp? Is he going to.play the bad guy now? Will he return? The short reader shows Hopper in a secluded camp doing some group work and suddenly fans catch a glimpse of Hopper! All healthy and well, bald!

While these questions are yet to be answered, it is indeed surprising that Netflix decided to make the big revelation so early before the season is releasing. This has both relieved and shocked fans.

Will Eleven Finally Recover Her Lost Powers In Season 4?

If there is not a huge time leap, the show can be looking into season 4 which could be set back in 1986. Season 4 will inevitably focus on Eleven and how she can manage to get her power back. As a huge threat is looming large thanks to the Russian, Eleven had to gain her powers back to save her friends. What if she does not regain her powers? How will things turn out to be? How will she save the city?

After the teaser, we are pretty much convinced that the American in the last season is Hopper as a matter of fact. Also by the looks of it, the Upside Down will also be one of the main settings in the upcoming fourth season. So as the teaser suggests the plot will also be a bit upside down!

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