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Altered Carbon: Has Netflix Revealed A Season 2 Release Date?

One of the most underrated shows on Netflix and the show wasn’t expected to be renewed, but the fans loved it, and so far, the show has made a considerably large fan base. This compelled the producers to give another shot to it, and yes, the show is renewed for the second season. The action drama is all set to take you on a ride to the universe in the second season. We will try to share all the details we have at this point. The show’s renewal for the second season has raised questions, and they need to be answered.

Do we have a trailer for the second season of Altered Carbon?

Well, we do have one, and the trailer itself is promising and appealing enough that it will compel you to binge-watch the series even if you might not have watched the first season. The trailer shows that the season is going to take the show to a whole new level of action and thrill, as Kovacs is on his mission to search Quell and also get in touch with meth clients.

The teaser clarified that Kovacs would be in a new sleeve this season, and Anthony Mackie is playing this season Kovacs’s character.

Altered Carbon: Has Netflix
Source: IGN.com

What’s the release date of the second season?

The release date of the second season is out, and the show will be available for streaming from 27th February 2020. The release date is near, and the show’s details are yet to be discussed. So now, we will focus on the possibilities for the second season of Altered Carbon.

What’s the possible storyline for the second season?

The second season will have a significant portion dedicated to Kovacs’s quest for the Quellcrist Falconer, his love. The interstellar warrior is all set to cross the lines this time for the sake of his lost love. And his quest for Quellcrist Falconer is going to add newer dimensions to the show.

This season Kovacs’s reliance on his AI Poe is going to be more than the previous season. And this season will showcase how Kovacs was unable to see things with clarity. This season the fans will see how Kovacs comes to know that his mission to find Quell and the crime world are linked, and they are not separate.

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Do we have any alteration in the cast this season?

The show is pivoted around the science, which allows a person to deceive death and take a new body form called “Sleeve.” This is the reason we saw Yun Lee as Kovacs in the first season. But the series in its final episodes of the first season shows how Kovacs leaves Yun Lee’s body. So it was sure that next season we would have someone else playing the role of Kovacs.

Thus Anthony Mackie will be playing Kovacs character in the third season. As far as other characters are concerned, not a major overhaul is expected. The only confirmed inclusion in the cast is of Lela Loren, playing the role of Danica Harlan.

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