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CIA Reports State That Russian Military Personnel Were Turned Into Stones By Aliens

As claimed by a Declassified CIA report, Russian military were attacked and killed by aliens
after they shot down a UFO.

Allegedly, the report claims that 23 soldiers were turned into stone after being attacked by
the aliens. The aliens then transformed themselves into a ball of light. This sensational
report was published online by the US Intelligence Agency amongst a lot of other
declassified files. This sounds like right out of space sci-fi movie.

The report was created on March 27 1993. It was translated from Ternopil vechirniy, a
Ukrainian newspaper by the CIA.

As the report claimed, an UFO, a low flying saucer had a came over a military training unit in Siberia. A surface to air missile was fired by one of the soldiers to bring it down.
The report said, “Five short humanoids with large heads and large black eyes got out.”

This entire incident was narrated by two soldiers who survived. They said that after emerging from the debris, the five “aliens” merged into a brilliant white spherical ball of light.

It buzzed and made a hissing sound. It exploded after a while. As this happened, the other 23 soldiers witnessing this incident were turned into stoned.

The file of this attack reached the CIA as an 250-page dossier on a weird UFO attack. It
included pictures and witness testimonies too.

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