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Heat Over Ashram Leader Molesting Psychically Unwell Girl On CCTV

An Ashram head attacked an intellectually sick girl in his consideration. The debased experience was caught on CCTV cameras.

The occurrence occurred at Vridh Ashram, which is in the town of Rawalpindi, Kapurthala locale, Punjab, India.

The charge has been distinguished as Dayal Singh.

As per the CCTV film, the episode occurred on January 19, 2020. In the recording, the Ashram chief is seen attacking the girl for just about three minutes.

An objection was made by Ranjit Singh at Goraya Police Station. Police enlisted a body of evidence against Dayal under Section 354 (attacking or utilization of criminal power on a lady with a plan to shock her humility) of the Indian Penal Code.

The case was enrolled on February 19, 2020, be that as it may, Dayal has not yet been captured.

This has prompted outrage among the network and protestors before long encompassed Rawalpindi Police Station.

The Angle Blind Union, under the initiative of Lakhbir Singh, mentioned the movie to be made.

They additionally requested for Dayal to be captured as quickly as time permits or else they would keep on dissenting.

Lakhbir asserted that the police isn’t following up on the grievance. In any case, officials guaranteed that they were at present being educated about the case by Goraya police.

Lakhbir clarified that a composed grumbling has been recorded at Rawalpindi Police Station and with DSP Surendra Chand.

According to the charges of police inaction, the SHO guaranteed that the CCTV film is at Goraya Police Station.

It was accounted for that Dayal Singh stays on the run, in any case, Lakhbir claimed that the case has not been enrolled by Rawalpindi Police.

Lakhbir clarified that there are various girls with psychological maladjustments who are being exploited across India.

He proceeded to state that their carers are explicitly misusing them because of their physical or mental inconveniences.

In a similarly stunning case, a man from Mumbai has captured for the wedding a handicapped lady with the goal that he could exploit her.

Rajesh Patel and the lady had known each other for around a half year. They initially met outside the print machine office where she was working. The suspect had likewise worked there yet left the activity in 2017.

He convinced the lady to acknowledge his engagement proposition after he expressed that he would satisfy her.

On May 26, 2019, the lady asserted she was going to work however she really met Patel and the two got hitched. He at that point took her to a hotel where he exploited her.

He at that point informed her not to talk concerning the episode.

At the point when she got back, she mentioned to her dad what had occurred. He at that point went to the police.

Police captured Patel and brought him in to be interrogated where he confessed to exploiting her handicap so he could have intercourse with her.

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