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ALIENS ON MARS!!! NASA’s Scientists Claim That Alien Life Could Have Sustained On MARS Because Of Water

The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) has once again left us in a shock after it claimed that alien life once thrived on MARS.

The water on Mars seems to have been an exceptionally perfect place for alien life, said NASA scientists and planetary experts.

As per the scientists, MARS is one of those planets where chances of Alien life is most likely to occur and it hints on the presence of water bodies on Mars that helped aliens to sustain the environment of the Red Planet.

It has also been said that Mars was once a planet loaded with oceans and several water bodies. To understand whether Mars really had water bodies or not, scientists are studying the chemical residue on the Martian’s surface to make out whether it once had water bodies or not.

Current analyses taken by Nasa’s Curiosity rover on the Martian surface imply that the water that is considered to have once covered Mars could have had just the right elements and other ingredients that could have helped aliens to thrive on that planet.

The current research examined all the possible sediments that appeared to have been left in ponds on Mars’s Gale Crater. It discovered they seemed to have developed in the presence of liquid water that had a related pH to that present in the Earth’s oceans.

That implies that the initial surface of Mars would have been the sort of area that could have possibly had the conditions for life same as that like of Earth.

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