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Brazilian Instagram Model Who Went Missing Might Be Murdered Or Killed, Authorities Fear

A Brazilian lady who moved to Los Angeles to seek after a demonstrating vocation is dreaded to have been killed after she disappeared in January, reports said.

Ana Braga, 24, vanished from her home in Los Angeles a month ago — yet a 2015 white Honda Accord enrolled to her was discovered surrendered in a gambling club parking garage in Oklahoma City, neighborhood outlets in California and Oklahoma detailed.

Los Angeles police supposedly have an observation film they accept shows Braga’s bleeding body face down with a belt and electric string folded over her neck. Her body has not been recuperated.

Cops in Oklahoma have observation film that gives her vehicle being dumped on Feb. 1 — by two individuals who at that point escape in a green minivan, reports said.

Braga’s mom Delma Felix told KTLA-TV that she last got notification from her little girl by telephone on Jan. 29.

Her Instagram profile peruses, “DESAPARECIDA” — which means “vanished.”

The hopeful model has about 17,000 adherents on Instagram.

Braga’s mom is trusting her body can become back to her home in Minas Gerais, Brazilian outlet R7 detailed.

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