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Messiah Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast Members And Storyline.

After finding oneself in knee-deep controversy, it seems like Netflix’s original show The Messiah might be returning for a second season after all! While the show was both appreciated and criticized by people all over the globe, we still need to finish the story with yet another season.

Are We Going To See More Of Al- Masih In Netflix Original Show Messiah?

The show had quite am interesting and unique premise with a CIA officer played by Michelle Monaghan investigates a modern-day Christ-like figure. The agent seems to be aiming to decipher if he is credible or a con-man.

The story proceeds further with the Al Masir claiming to be someone who has the ability to heal people. He is soon hailed as the second coming of Christ. This soon creates controversy and some people start to doubt the man’s authenticity which leads to a CIA investigation. The show faced some serious backlash and we have to see how Netflix reacts to it while renewing the show for another season.

Is Al – Masih Really Who He Claims Himself To Be? Details Given Below.

We still are awaiting an official statement from Netflix regarding the renewal status of the show. However, if history is any indication it is a common rule for the streaming service to wait a while before announcing something.

As we saw in the first season, things become all the more complicated when Al- Masih miraculously survives a near-death plane crash and even resurrects fellow passenger Aviram Dahan. By the looks of it, the first season did not have a proper closure and we are yet to see if Al- Masih is someone with supernatural powers. As the show’s Twitter account promises the truth is yet to be revealed. So, we have to wait for a while for the truth to unravel.

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