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WARNING!!! NASA Issues Alert For A Massive 656ft Asteroid That Is Approaching Our Planet At An Alarming Speed

The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) has once again revealed shocking details of an asteroid that is currently heading towards our planet Earth at a very alarming speed.

The U.S based space agency is currently tracking this space rock. The scientists at the space agency have dubbed this asteroid as 2015 BK509. This asteroid is reportedly 656ft wide and as per the reports, it is currently approaching towards Earth at an alarming speed of 44,964 kmph. The experts at NASA have predicted that this asteroid would reach near to our planet on February 29.

Fortunately, the planetary experts have said that this massive asteroid would not collide with our planet and will be 7.16 million kilometers away from the earth. However, NASA has listed the space rock as a near-earth object regarding the range which may appear quite large in human terms. But in space terminology, this is a very short distance.

The U.S based agency recognizes all asteroids that come within 1.3 astronomical units of the sun as a near-earth object. At the time of its near approach, this asteroid will be 0.04792 astronomical units away.

There are many different deadly asteroids, both huge and small flying in the solar system. One such space rock that was very massive collided with the earth around 66 million years ago and resulted in mass destruction happening. That space rock hit was so disastrous that it cleared out more than 70 percent of all classes on the earth, mainly dinosaurs.

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