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Amber Heard Disables Comments On Instagram Amid Johnny Depp Backlash

Quarrels among celebrities are not something unprecedented or which is going to open some pandora’s box. But this time, the things are way beyond controversy, and there are legal nuances attached to it, and the worst part that the victim is none other than Johny Depp. One of the most successful actors of Hollywood has been subjected to physical and mental torture by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The couple has been into a pathetic legal battle, and there are accusations from both sides and many pieces of evidence being produced in the court by both the parties. But this time things have become unethical as Johny Depp’s attorney has produced an audio clip as evidence and this has changed the course of events which happened later. There was an audio clip from Johnny Depp’s attorney, which substantiated that Amber Heard had been physically assaulting her husband. The sound clip showed that Amber Heard admitted the physical violence with Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard Disables Comments On Instagram
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This feud led to a defamation lawsuit being filed by Johnny Depp. Finally, he is appearing to succeed as the evidence produced by his attorney has substantial ground to sue Amber Heard for  Defamation. The loss incurred by Johnny Depp is also substantial as he lost his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Carribean movie series. The loss suffered by Johnny Depp is indeed substantial, and this will put Amber Heard in serious trouble if judges find guilt at her end.

How is Amber Heard reacting to all the events?

Things haven’t been smooth for Amber Heard lately, and she has been subjected to a lot of abuse online, and nobody wants to face all the heat. The Internet took the news by storm, and Johnny Depp’s fan is all up in arms to fight the online battle for their stars. But this has made things terrible for Amber Heard too, and after facing all the abuse, she finally took the step to calm the ongoing hate campaign against her.

After all the events which made Amber Heard the culprit even before the pronouncement of the judgment, she was left with no option but to disable the comment section of her Instagram. But the internet era has all the panacea on earth when it comes to trolling and abuse. Fans took the battle to Twitter, and there she was rattled too. Thousands of tweets flooded her timeline, where she was tagged and abused for that audio clip.

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Her losses are substantial, too, and there are ample chances that there are going to be financial implications also for her. There are petitions to remove her from the Aquaman’s cast, and fans are hell-bent on seeing her out of the movie. Well, karma does play a role in our lives, and it’s reflected in Amber Heard’s case as her accusations removed Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Carribean franchise. But on any odd day, the Internet shouldn’t be used the way it is used. It does give us the ability to express ourselves, but respecting others’ points of view is also an important part of coexistence.

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