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Expert Claims UK Is Still Not Prepared To Deal With Life Threatening Incoming Doomsday Asteroid

Around 66 million years back, a large space rock that shrieked across space at a stunning pace hit the earth and brought about the termination of the dinosaurs.

From that point forward, no such space rocks have arrived at the world’s region. Yet, space specialists accept that replication of this doomsday occasion could occur later on, as prophetically catastrophic space rock hits are not restricted to the past.

Close earth object following and the United Kingdom

As dangers from space loom, space organizations like NASA are overwhelmingly following close earth protests that could represent a risk to the presence of life on the blue planet. On NASA’s CNEOS site, the space office has recorded many possibly dangerous space rocks that could hit the earth one day.

As the United States is commanding the space race, Jason Jay Tate, a prominent asteroid hunter, accepts that the United Kingdom isn’t sufficiently arranged to battle the perils presented by an approaching space rock.

“I wouldn’t try telling individuals in the UK, and it would be an exercise in futility until things change. No, we manage the United States or the European Space Agency – they’re starting to kick in on this game at this point. They’re building space telescopes, and they’re creating ventures rapidly as a major aspect of the Space Situational Awareness Program. We have a significant-close touch with the close earth object section of that, so Europe’s playing. Lamentably, the UK didn’t pursue that venture, so once more, we’re out of the game,” said Tate.

What will occur if a giant space rock hits the earth?

Space specialists accept that individuals will be cleared out from the earth if a monster space rock hits the planet with its full wrath. The doomsday space rock that hit the blue world 66 million years back had brought about the eradication of 70 percent of all species on the earth.

On the off chance that such a space rock hit again occurs, it will most likely trigger another mass annihilation occasion. According to space master Lembit Öpik, just cockroaches, some remote ocean animals, and other living creatures that feed on dead meat will endure a space rock sway.

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