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Locke And Key Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast Members And Storyline .

It seems like fans have to wait a while longer for the second season of the Netflix show, Locke and Key. Considering the fact that the show made its debut just recently on 7th Feb 2020 Netflix is taking some time to announce the renewal status.

How Much Had Netflix Revealed About The Release Date of Locke And Key Season 2?

As far as the casting is concerned, the majority of actors from season one will also be returning for the second season as well. Locke and Key showrunner Carlton Cuse has talked about the importance to hire an inclusive cast.

The showrunner further explains that it was a conscious decision to make the show representative of the real world. The show makers wanted to make sure that our world mirrors the world that we live in. The show has shown some physical as well as a mentally challenged character as well.

Will The Second Season Show Fans The Original Backstory Of The Keys?

A lot of effort went into hiring the cast members who were in that same category. They are aiming to make the show completely inclusive. Fans were left all shocked and curious following the oldest twist in the first season. Dodge is alive after all these years and is ready to renew the hunt for the key. In the original comics, there several different types of keys, so the second season might focus on that.

Although the Omega key is safe for.the time being, this might change in the future of the show. Hat fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing in the second season is the origin story of the keys. The second season is in the early stage of development so we don’t really have a trailer yet. It seems like we have to wait a while to see where the story goes next!

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