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Mission: Impossible 7 Stops Production In Italy Because Of Coronavirus.

It seems like Paramount Pictures has decided to fault the production of the upcoming action movie Mission Impossible 7 in Italy. The sudden delay is due to concerns over the Coronavirus issue.

Why Was The Production Of Mission Impossible 7 Delayed Out Of Nowhere? Here’s What We Know.

The production team is being cautious as coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the northern part of the country. A spokesperson has made it clear by staying that is step was an emergency to ensure the cast and the crew’s safety. This might lead to some delay in the release date which is slated to hit the theatres in 2021.

The delay is just a cautious step to ensuring everyone’s safety as more than 220 people had been infected in Italy with a majority of cases in the country’s northern region. The delay was indeed the need for the hour and it will surely ensure everyone’s safety.

A Spokesman Has Addressed The Whole Situation And Ensured The Cast And Crew’s Safety!

A paramount picture spokesperson has issued an official statement addressing the whole case of an emergency. The spokesman states that with the efforts of the local Venetian government, they have decided to halt public gatherings in response to the threat of the deathly coronavirus. Furthermore, they are also altering the production plan for our three-week shoot in Venice.

Apart from this, Representatives for Paramount did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment. It was indeed a wise decision to take a step back as the virus is spreading to other countries at an alarming rate. Moreover, Beijing’s film bureau has assured people that it will provide financial support to production companies and cinemas that have been hit hard by this sudden outbreak. However, it is still not clear how and when the financial support will be doled out.

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