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NASA Is Trying Hard To Get Its MARS Mole Digging Again

According to the recent evidence, NASA’s mission to Mars has been successful for many years and for many times, but one big disappointment persists which is the mole.

A self-burying technology has been discovered and designed to hammer up to 16 feet into the Mars surface. This has repeatedly fallen well before reaching its goal. Presently it is identified that the instrument is just lying idle on the surface of Mars.

NASA hypothesized that the soil on the planet would be too powdery and thus it will be easy for the instrument to gain grip and pull it deeper. To fix this solution, the Insight’s robotic arm was designed to push this edge to the hole and thus providing the instrument a better grip on the surface of the Mars.

This new idea and technology appeared to work, but finally ended up before Mars barfed the probe back.

After so much struggle and heaps of frustration, NASA decided to take a back and stop all the measures of digging on Mars. Rather than trying to dig the mole on its own, the team decided to push the probe into the hole using the robotic arm.

So far it is the straight forward fix proposed by NASA and the team, but they run out of any new ideas to implement for fixing the issue on Mars. The team further added that they will be working on fixing the mole from early March and so new ideas flood in by then.

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